Monitoring a mobile robot using a web interface


We present a platform that allows the complete control of a mobile robot using a web interface. Both the robot and the web interface have been designed and implemented for educational purposes. This tool can be used for teaching and experimentation in different subjects related to hardware design, digital control systems, artificial intelligence and similar topics. The robot, that we named ‘Frankebot’ consists in a wheeled mobile platform containing multiple sensors (temperature, laser, radars, video cameras, micro- phones, etc), actuators and communication modules that can be remotely monitored. In this way, using a web interface, students can interact with the robot in real time, they can control its movement, can observe the state of the different magnitudes that its sensors measure and can receive the images and sounds that Frankebot captures from the environment. Also, they can reprogram via Internet the microcontroller and other reconfigurable chips of Frankebot, thus modifying remotely its behaviour.

III International conference on Multimedia and ICTs in Education (mICTE2005)
Ríchard R. Carrillo
Ríchard R. Carrillo
Assistant Professor

Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering, Automation and Robotics and Principal Investigator at the Applied Computational Neuroscience Group.